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Facial Treatment


(1) Harmony XL



SHR Speed AFT : Hair-Free, Pain-Free Laser Hair Removal*

Speed AFT further helps providers rise above their competition with enhanced contact cooling, making sure your patients enjoy a comfortable treatment that they’ll tell their friends and family about.

*Permanent reduction in hair regrowth defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9 and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.



Laser Hair Removal_______________Laser-Hair-Removal___






  • Chin, Upper up, Side Burns, Neck/Back, Lower Legs, Bikini Line, Thighs, Back


  • Laser Hair Removal

    • Laser-Hair-RemovalChin

    • Upper up

    • Side Burns

    • Neck/Back

    • Lower Legs

    • Bikini Line

    • Thighs

    • Back



Acne is a common condition that can begin in adolescence.
Whether a stray pimple or a full-blown outbreak, nearly everyone has suffered from acne at some time.
Pimples, cysts, and nodules can negatively impact our appearance whether they occur on the face, neck, chest, back, shoulders, and upper arms.
When severe, acne can cause scarring if not properly treated.



harmony_acne_1  harmony_360pixel_4





*Acne Scars  *Skin Rejuvenation  *Wrinkle Reduction  *Pore Reduction  *Skin Tightening  *Fraxel Acne Scars



A Powerful Treatment for all Types of Wrinkles











Laser revitalization for:

• wrinkles around the eyes (periorbital wrinkles)
• crow’s feet
• wrinkles around the mouth (perioral wrinkles)
• frown lines
• lipstick lines
• smokers’ lines
• facial wrinkles


(2) Spectra Toning


Spectra Laser Toning is a safe, gentle and effective treatment ideal for certain types of pigmented lesions. Certain commonly acquired pigmented lesion disorders have been difficult to treat in the past with lasers and other light sources that target melanin. Spectra Laser Toning is highly safe and effective in the treatment of the symptoms melasma and colasma.


*Discoloration on the face    *Freckles   *Skin Pigmentation Disorders  

*Purulent acne   *Acne Scar Stem Cells   *Wrinkles management   *Blotches on face  

*Age spots  *Brown spots




sectra_1  sectra_3







scarlet_rf3     scar_images2LFS24B2

       What are the improvements with SCALET RF ?

*Volumetric Tightening    *Skin tone and texture     *Lifting     *Enlarged pores      *Acne treatment



(4) SmartSkin CO2


  *Restore Your Skin Through Laser Skin Rejuvenation


Over the years signs of aging appear as a result of exposure to the sun (photoaging) and the effects of gravity and natural aging.

The texture, tone and pigmentation of your skin can be affected, often resulting in unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, sun spots and larger pores. This look of premature aging can negatively impact how we are perceived by others.

The good news is that new advancements in laser technology provide a means of rejuvenating and restoring your skin to a more youthful, smoother look.

SmartSkin laser fractional resurfacing, the latest advancement in laser skin renewal, optimizes your treatment outcomes while minimizing your recovery time.


















  • wrinkles around the eyes (periorbital wrinkles)    • crow’s feet 

  • wrinkles around the mouth (perioral wrinkles)     • frown lines

  • lipstick lines • smokers’ lines                                 • facial wrinkles

  • acne scars ,  acne treatment ,  melasma ,  red spots ,  broken capillaries

  • fraxel acne scars  , Laser feelings ,  Reduce wrinkles,  Treat brown spots,  Improve skin irregularities

  • Smooth and Treat uneven Pigmentation,  Treat dark undereye circles,  Reduce pore size,  Rejuvenate hands and neckline



(5) Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP-Skin-Wrinkle-Treatment____Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure developed on the proven premise that the body often is its own best healer. The procedure involves a technician drawing about 10mL of blood from a patient, centrifuging it to concentrate the blood plasma (the pale-yellow liquid component of blood that normally holds the blood cells in suspension) into a gel-like substance, then re-injecting it into the patient via a tool that features a seri
es of tiny needles. This helps to jumpstart your body’s healing mechanisms to stimulate skin recovery. There’s virtually no chance that your body will reject or react negatively to the injection, because it immediately recognizes the substance as its own cells.







  • Benefits of MicroNeedling

  • Reduce Lines and Wrinkles

  • Improve Skin Tone and Texture

  • Reduce Acne Scarring

  • Eliminate Sun Damage

  • Stimulate Collagen and Elastin

  • Little to No Downtime

  • Great for all Skin Types

  • An Alternative to Laser




Microdermabrasionwoman's face before and after makeup and photoshop editing

When to Consider microdermabrasion

  • If you want to brighten your skin and have a healthy glow

  • If you have sun damage, acne scars, or fine lines

  • If your pores are clogged and you often have blackheads and/or whiteheads

  • If you want to maintain healthy, clear skin

  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask




Rejuvenating Facial CarePred-merch-4

Ylang Ylang & Sweet Orange Age Recovery is one and half hours of pure delight and relaxation comblined with the most advanced age-defying institute procedures. It the resurfaces skin and lines, relaxing the muscles and relieving tension that can provoke expression lines, and revitalizes the complexion. The skin is radiant and glowing, lines and wrinkles are smoothed and the face is relaxed.

  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask


Purifying Facial


Pimple and sincerity skin

The essential purifying treatment to flush out skin impurities, clear away all toxins and refine pores whatever your skin type is even the most delicate complexion is refreshed, clear and flawless; skin is translucent and bright.


  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask


Hydrating Facial

A high-potency remedy for thirsty, parched skin. This intensely-concentr375x321 neck_liftated serum with Pomegranate, Elm root extracts and Sodium Hyaluronate begins to act immediately to help soften and hydrate skin, adding resilience and restoring comfortable suppleness.



  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask


Smoothing Facialsmoothing

The ultra-fresh mask smoothes and fills in fine lines, leaving the skin comfortable and supple. The skin is replenished in depth, regaining its radiance and vitality. It will help in the penetration of treatment.

  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask



Nourishing Facial


One hour to remove dead cells, smooth lines and restores skin’s natural elasticity. Ten minutes deep massage followed with a comforting “home-made” mask, spreads the skin with beneficial age-defying and nourishing ingredients, smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles and brings back resiliency and radiance.

  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask



Revitalizing Facial


A Recovery Vitamin Infusion Facial relaxes, detoxifies and purifies the skin of the cities pollution while comforting face and spirit. In 45 minutes skin gets rid of internal and external aggressions, forgetting your over-stressed every
day life and boosting skin’s radiance.

  • Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask



“The Power Peel” is performed with a jet of fine crystals abrading the epidermal tissue and then vacuumed off, removing the dead and damaged skin cells leaving you a smoother, softer, brighter, and younger looking skin.

Include Body Massage  Neck, Back, Leg, Arms, Head massage Vitamin C, Mask




Herbal Deep-Peeling

Vegetability Thin Skin (Made in Germany)

The Herbal Deep-Peeling is a medically developed skin regeneration with only pure natural plant ingredients, which has been recognized worldwide and proven as a highly safe and successful method of non-surgical procedure. The preparation is a compound of natural herbs without any chemical additives. It increases the blood circulation of the skin and causes the upper layers of the skin to peel off.

Mela wave peeling
Super Enzyme Peeling
Successful For Over 40 Years In

  • Revitalising the skin

  • Treating impurities

  • Refining enlarged pores

  • Improving a prematurely aging skin

  • Refining lines & wrinkles

  • Refining scares

  • Treating skin discoloration

  • Stretch marks

  • Loss of firmness and elasticity in the area of the stomach, upper arms and thighs

  • Treating sun-damaged skin

  • Treating tired-looking skin with poor circulation



  • High-Frequency

  • Circulation of the Blood

  • Collagen

  • Auctioning of the Efficacy

  • Increase Firmness

  • Skin reproduction

  • Lifting and wrinkle removing

  • Relaxing stressed facial muscle

  • Stimulating collagen lay

  • Dissolving melanin pigment

  • Acne treatment

  • Facial size decreasing

  • Dark circle treatment



Stem Cell Hair

Steam-Cell-HairRepair the Signs of Aging with Advanced Growth Factor Technology!

Growth Factor complex skin serums are based on the latest biotechnological research into the skin healing and anti-aging effects of growth factors. Each serum contains optimal concentrations of growth factors and other skin nourishing ingredients targeted towards specific skin conditions for fast, visible results.





Acne Solution

Anti-Bacterial, Degrease C
leanse, Purify & Prevent

Dermaesthetics Acne Solutions are an accumulation of technology and research specifically formulated to aid in the removal of congested and dead skin cells that clog the pores while normalizing sebum production (observed oily appearance) resulting in brighter and clearer complexion.